January 20th 2021

22:30 London
For new installations (PC):

For Mac. Please read the Conducttr installation on Macs

For those with AIR already installed: 

This is a mandatory release due to reconfiguration of Conducttr.

December 18th 2020 

16:00 London
For new installations (PC):

For Mac. Please read the Conducttr installation on Macs

For those with AIR already installed: 

New features

  • Relative publication time: Now you can assign a relative publication time for the content based on the time you upload your exercise. For example: 2 hours before uploading.

  • Default channel for first login: You can now set up the first channel you want players to see when they enter the exercise.

  • Link to content: Get the URL to a specific content item from the MEL.

  • Facebook posts on pages: Now you can publish Facebook posts to organisations' pages from the Scenario Editor.

  • Quote tweets: Now your players are able to retweet with a comment.

  • Schedule tweets: Now your players can schedule tweets, edit them and delete them if wanted.

  • Facebook drill down: Now players can see personas’ friends in Facebook, and navigate through their profiles.


  • Several minor bug fixes.

November 26th 2020

11:30 London

New features

  • Social channels: We have added a list of new social channels: Reddit, 4Chan, VK Streams and Weibo.
  • Video and documents: Now players can upload video files and MS Office documents to any channel (dependent on licence permissions - requires Hawk or Osprey)


  • Twitter pagination: We have added pagination in Twitter channel for improved user experience for clients with multi-day and multi-week exercises that generate large volumes of traffic.
  • Styling: Now you can change all channel icons and activate or deactivate Social Map and TeamChat Plus in the scenario editor.
  • MEL: Now you can search personas by their handle.


  • Several minor bug fixes.

November 10th 2020 

11:40 London

Bug fix
  • Fix on personas' spreadsheet export: column name corrected.

November 9th 2020 

15:30 London

New features

  • Social Map: This new channel shows the location of all social posts. The persona or player needs to have a GPS location, and every time they post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, a pin will appear in the map showing the location and the message. GPS locations can be changed based on permissions.
  • Impersonation on Facebook: Now players can impersonate personas on Facebook, write and like posts on their behalf.
  • Comments for Twitter posts: Now you can create tweets with past comments.


  • Serials: Now the MEL is organised by serials that have injects. You can give serials a description, discussion points, tasks to complete, and see all assets that are used in it. You can export all the injects in a serial and generate a serial report.
  • "Bulk replace" for multi-selection of personas: Now you can replace several personas in one go based on the personas handle.

  • Teams: Now you will only see the teams you have for a scenario and will get an alert in the audience members that haven't been uploaded to the selected space.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

October 19th 2020

17:00 London

New features

  • 2-factor authentication with SMS: now you can require players to register verifying both their email and mobile phone.


  • Ability to activate or deactivate personas' social media accounts.
  • TeamChat Plus and Social Watch configuration via the AirApp: configure whether you want to show or hide these channels for your players.
  • Export messaging data: Now you can export all the messages that have been sent by players during the exercise in a convenient Excel format.
  • Export PDF with decisions pie charts from the facilitator dashboard.
  • Date and time stamp for emails: now you can change the publication date of email messages sent by personas.
  • The facilitator now can add multiple video conferencing rooms.


  • Several minor bug fixes.

September 11th 2020

15:00 London


  • Automatic handles generated for personas.
  • Prevent saving personas without social handles.

September 3rd 2020

22:00 London


  • Fixes issue with MEL import.

September 2nd 2020

16:30 London

New features

  • Facebook groups: now players with specific permissions can create private Facebook groups.
  • Change smartword data during exercise: facilitators can now edit the custom data table live to make exercises even more dynamic.

  • Reveal personas and players who liked social media posts and who retweeted messages.
  • Ability to add website link in social media profile: Now you can add a website to the persona's social media profile.
  • Ability for exercise control to manipulate social media engagement on individual social media posts and to modify the underlying ranking data which defines the order of how messages appear in the feed.


  • Several minor bug fixes.

August 24th 2020

16:00 London

New features

  • Zoom integration to allow video conferencing between team members during exercises.
  • New section in facilitator dashboard to assign specific permission to players: create video conference rooms, edit social engagement (see below). 
  • Social engagement: Now players (with the respective permission) can change the social engagement of messages (edit the number of likes, re-posts, views, etc).

  • Historic content for websites: now you can create historic news articles for organisations.
  • Share news article via link.
  • Copy and paste images directly into news articles.

  • Generic bug fixes.

August 3rd 2020

15:00 London

New features
  • Facebook search and personas profiles.
  • Instagram personas profiles.
  • Timestamps: being able to edit messages timestamps.
  • Players are able to impersonate personas on Twitter (based on permissions).
  • Web search for website channel.
  • Personas Social graph: Create social networks and indicate followers in social channels for personas.
  • Youtube channel.
  • Social watch.
  • Teamchat Plus.
  • Sentiment analysis in message and Stax.

  • Activate and deactivate accounts in social channels for personas.
  • Image or video are now mandatory on InstaMedia past posts.
  • Fixes in team table and team import/export.

June 1st 2020

10:39 London

  • Inject Grid/Facilitator Action can now trigger single content as well as inject sequence
  • Issue with emojis in external email
  • Issue with Move to Role

May 25th 2020

14:06 London

  • Issue with Persona MEL
  • External email header not showing in Style tool

May 22nd 2020 

16:20 London

  • Ability to edit news articles (given right permissions)
  • Ability to send content to "variable" (advanced feature for flowchart users)
  • Ability to traverse following and followers on Twitter
  • Ability to pair MEL and Pattern of Life library

  • About 50 minor tweaks and snags.

May 17th 2020

  • Persona smartwords

  • Media library now have additional filters and classifications
  • Ability to peak at password
  • Issue with linking to News websites
  • Uploading issues for content with smartwords and emojis
  • team role encoding issue

5th May 2020

  • Events List and Excon merged: The injects timers will be available in both views.
  • New dashboard look and feel.
Image Placeholder

  • New personas configuration in scenario editor: Handle for author, bio notes, factions and tags, location, personal details and accounts configuration
  • Ability to mark personas as organisation allowing to create a website design for them.
  • Personas content history: Check and edit all messages for a personas.
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Microblog (Twitter channel)
  • New generic channel name: MicroBlog.
  • Twitter retweets and likes.
  • Verified Twitter accounts.
  • Pin tweets to top.

Other New functionality

  • Websites combined with news articles into one channel

  • News ticker and image overlay available in media pop-up

  • Publish MicroBlog (twitter) message with likes, comments and retweets.

  • Add images to inject in the MEL view

  • Send content to variable

  • Send content to partner

  • Injects grid configuration

  • Persona smartwords: Ability to reference personas in content using persona handle

  • News articles: Players ability to create and edit news articles

  • Pairing Stax and Scenario: Ability to pair scenario with a Stax and check for personas duplicates


  • GoSocial (Facebook): Ability to edit number of followers and community

  • InstaMedia (Instagram): new icon and channel name

  • New default virtual desktop icons

  • New colour schemes for menu and back buttons

Virtual Desktop

  • Icons fixed on the left side panel for all channels

  • Multiple attachments in Mail

  • Back button removed: now  use the browser back button.