After reading this article you'll:

  • Be able to create different projects
  • Be able to auto- generate exercise storyboards/scenarios


(AXS) Active Exercise System is an all in one research, auto-generation, management and integration platform designed to help storytellers create engaging and immersive story worlds quickly and efficiently. 

Active Exercise System 
Faster delivery of exercises due to improvements in research collection, understanding and auto generation of exercise storyboards
  • Auto generation of story ideas
  • Auto generation of scenario

AXS Dashboard Overview

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Creating a new Project

  • On the dashboard, click on "Create Project"
  • Give your project a name 
  • Add an image and related description to the project
  • Add project tags 
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  • You will now be re-directed to the Scenario Canvas - this is where your project will be created
  • Click on "Get started", and write a prompt to generate a scenario.
  • Select the number of acts you want there to be in your scenario (3 or 5) 

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  • Click on the design assistant button to generate your scenario 
  • If you're not happy with the story created, you can re-click the assistant again and it will generate something new. 
  • If you're happy with the story, click on "Create summary" > "Submit summary"

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  • You then have 2 options to complete the canvas 
  1. Complete the whole Scenario Canvas at once by clicking "Complete Canvas > Fill in Canvas" - this will auto-complete all boxes within the canvas
  2. OR Complete individual boxes: to do this click on the design assistant next to each box to auto-complete that specific box
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  • Once the Scenario Canvas has been completed, you will see a summary of each section in the boxes provided. 
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  • Click into a box to view a more detailed explanation
  • In the example below, "Roles and Positions" has been clicked on, and has opened up the detailed view on the right. 
  • To edit any of the details, just simply click into the text and make changes. Ensure to click "Save" to save any changes made
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  •  Export the scenario into a serial report (CSV file) 
  • This file can then be imported into Conducttr 

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