Allows you to publish a (fictional) website inside your experience
Key Features
Maintains controlled environment and allows website to appear to be changed based on player actions. For example, a cyber attack can be shown to affect the website

The image below is a fictional company webpage displayed inside the TeamXp web application.


You'll need:
  • a URL to a secure website
  • a persona to represent the website name - the persona names appears in the browser tab


  • Create a new content card and set the channel to Browser
  • Select the persona - this is the website/tab name
  • Click the "add website" icon to add the website URL

  • The  select the file you want to use or add a new one.

Updating the webpage

The tab name is taken from the persona. Re-publishing to the same persona with a different URL has the effect of making the website appear to change. 

To display several webpages at the same time, a new browser tab is created inside the web application for each persona