After reading this article you'll:
  • understand the benefits of using the Conducttr video service rather than YouTube and others
  • be able to manage your video storage


Conducttr TeamXp allows video to be added to all relevant channels. Video files can be added by URL or by file upload.

A paid subscription allows up to 25Gb per Space; a free subscription allows up to 100Mb and uploaded videos are encoded with a watermark (doesn't affect videos added by URL).

Conducttr video allows authors and players to upload video directly inside the experience. Videos uploaded via the scenario editor are treated as permanent whereas videos uploaded by players (via the virtual desktop) are temporary. Temporary means that they are erased beyond recovery when the exercise messages are cleared.

Conducttr Video Service
  • More productive workflow because videos are uploaded directly into the scenario editor and not to external video hosting site
  • Seamless for players that need to generate and publish content as part of their exercises
  • Don’t have to get additional approval from IT/Security beyond standard approval for Conducttr
  • Dynamic streaming quality to ensure best resolution on low bandwidth and high bandwidth
  • Only MP4 files can be uploaded

Conducttr video storage and management

Media libraries are directories of content used in a set of exercises. The actual media files are stored elsewhere such as on YouTube or in your Space. The images below explain how your Conducttr video files are stored and managed.

Adding video to a media library
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Before uploading a video, check or change the Space it's uploaded to.
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The default Space for this exercise can be set by clicking this icon.
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A thumbnail is auto-generated using the first video frame. This can be replaced with a custom thumbnail.

After uploading, the video URL can be copy-pasted into any other library 
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Stored video files show where they have been saved.

Checking and managing your Space storage
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 Navigate to Spaces>My Spaces to see all storage used across all your Spaces.
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 Click the pencil icon to open the Space and see each individual video
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 Right-click on a video to remove it.

Note that if you Edit a video and replace it, you'll need to re-upload any scenario that uses that video.