Simulates broadcast TV news for persons in exercise room(s)
Key Features
Change video and update news ticker independently of each other

The TV channel works like other channels except it's not possible to attach questions. The purpose of this channel is to simulate broadcast TV.

How to configure

The first thing you need to do is to create a new content and select TV in the channel.
Click to add a video
  • Select the video you want to use
Once you attach the video you can modify:
  • The news ticker by adding the text in the content text box
  • An overlapped image, by clicking the + button next to the content. You need to set the time for this image to appear and disappear

With the TV Channel you have two different options:
  1. You can send it to the players
  2. You can have a dedicated screen for it

Sending the TV Channel to the players

To do this you have to:
  • Link the TV content to another content/inject
  • Select make sure that you select "To Player", so everyone will receive it.

Sending the TV content to a dedicated screen

If you have a dedicated screen for the TV, you should use positions. Positions allows you to send specific content to specific players, so you need to:
  • Add the TV to your teams. You need to log in as this player to receive this piece of content.
  • Add the position to this player

  • In the content now, instead of sending this "To Player", you need to select the position you want to use.

To test this you'll need to register and log in with the TV email in the dedicated screen.