After reading this article you'll:
  • understand that your exercise is driven by events
  • be able to add events to your exercise.


Your exercise is driven forward by events. Typically those events come in the form of injects from the Master Events List. However, Conducttr offers other types of events for more specialist uses. Those events are:

  • Facilitator button event - triggered by Injects Grid on Facilitator Dashboard
  • Audio recording event - triggered by the Conducttr Audio mobile app
  • NFC tag event - triggered by the Conducttr NFC mobile app
  • Map movement event - triggered by the Conducttr Wargaming mobile app
  • Link event - triggered by external Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Each event type has specific benefits which are discussed in those articles. However, generally, these event actions allows a more "open" style of player interaction and greater freedom to take self-motivated actions without prompting by the simulation
Events can be used to trigger Injects or content at any point in the simulation without the need for linear progression

Adding Events

Events are added in the Flowchart view. 

 Image Placeholder

Right-click the whiteboard and select the event from the menu.

The event card usually expects to be connected to the Inject although the audio event is an exception to this (it should be connected to a content card)

Injects Grid (Facilitator button)

Injects Grid
Allows the facilitator to jump/skip ahead or back in the master events list which means sections of the linear sequence of injects can be dropped from the exercise.
Up to 64 configurable buttons
Buttons and can arranged on the grid for ease of remembering/running exercise
  1. In the Flowchart view, right-click the whiteboard to add the Facilitator button event and connect it to an Inject
  2. (Optional) open the Style tool to arrange the position of the buttons on the Inject Grid

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Style tool configuration
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The buttons can be arranged on the grid by dragging and dropping
 Facilitator Dashboard Image Placeholder
Hover over button so see Inject comments, click to trigger.

Audio Event

Please see the article on the Audio app for an explanation of how to configure an exercise to accept recorded interviews.

NFC Tag Event

NFC tag
  • Allows players and moderator greater freedom to act without being tied to a linear timeline
  • Frequently used content and sequences can be easily accessed by arranging NFC cards on a table top ready for direct use without digital menus
  • Creates a physical presence for digital events which means players and moderator spend less time looking at computer screens which can help with intra-team communications
  • Trigger any content and injects on a NFC tag event
  • Easily choose plain English (or other languages!) text to use as a trigger phrase.
  • Requires the NFC tags to be programmed before using them

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication - it's the type of technology used in Apple Pay/Android Pay and the Oystercard on the London Underground. 
In a practical sense, an "NFC tag" is just a sticker holding a coil of wire that can remember some data you write to it. Using the Conducttr NFC app you can turn that tag data into a command!

Get the Conducttr NFC Mobile App

The Conducttr NFC mobile app is only available on Android.
You can download the app from the Google Play store here.

How to use the NFC tag event

The first thing is to program your NFC tag(s). Once programmed, the moment someone scans the tag, the Conducttr app will trigger the NFC Tag Event... match the data you wrote to the tag... and then publish some content or take some other action according to what you've attached to the event. 

Use an app like NFC Tag Writer by NXP to write plain text to the NFC tag.
You can buy tags from Amazon. These are the ones we frequently use at Conducttr but there are other larger and cheaper versions available.

Example triggering content

1. The player scans the tag with an app
2. The NFC tag data is the same used in the NFC Event
3. This fires the event and sends the content for the player which is a video in the TV Channel in this case.

Example triggering Injects

Authors can also use NFC tags to send facilitated content. To do so:
1. Program your NFC tag 
2. Create a NFC Tag Event with the same plain text you've used for the NFC tag
3. Connect this Event to a Facilitated content 

As a result, when the Facilitator scans the tag, the facilitator content appears in his/her dashboard.

Map Counter Movement Event

Map counter movement event
  • Player decision-making processes can be reviewed on a exercise timeline
  • Fast tracking of decisions to maintain engagement & flow of the exercise
  • Players and facilitator/adjudicator don't need to be co-located in the same physical space
  • Use an unlimited number of maps, counters and locations
  • Automatically track map counter movement
  • Optionally trigger additional content publication or calculations after a map counter movement
  • Requires the Conducttr wargaming app for Android

Get the Conducttr Wargaming Mobile App

The Conducttr Wargaming mobile app is only available on Android.
You can download the app from the Google Play store here.

How it works

Important: Map counter updates do not need the map counter event
The work of correctly updating the map is managed almost entirely by the mobile app and you need only use the map event card for publication of additional content which may be unrelated to map updates.

The map counter event is generated by the Conducttr wargaming mobile app when it scans an appropriately-encoded NFC tag.

Map Counters

The setup is that your exercise has physical map counters to which you're stuck NFC tags.
Hence, the first thing to do is to program the NFC tags you're going to use as counters in your map.
The moment a player/facilitator scans the tag, that counter will appear in the digital map.

There are several apps to program your NFC tags, such as  NFC Tag Writer by NXP


In the following example, we want to put a counter (shown as the aeroplane) at location 42 on the Arctic map:
  1. The player scans the counter (aeroplane) and sends it to a position "42". Note that this is accomplished with the mobile app
  2. Inside Conducttr, there's an event created that allows the mobile app to select the correct map (as you can use multiple maps). This card does not need to be connected to any subsequent event as the movement to position is accomplish entirely by the app
  3. The new counter appears in the player's dashboard in the correct position


To configure the previous example you need to:
  1. Upload an image for your map and name it "Arctic"
  2. Create the different locations (Right click anywhere in the map > Add location...)
  3. Program your NFC tags (see article on map counter encoding)

In the Flowchart view:
  1. Create a Map Counter Movement Event
  2. Select the map you want to use (Arctic in this case)
In the app, select the same map you're using.

Link Event

The link event is only available to use by the Conducttr team. Please contact support if you think you need it.