What is it?

You must decide what behaviors you're looking for from the players while they undergo an exercise.
The observations you make are the calculated in some way to a represent a capability.

For example, let's say you'd like to feedback to players how good they are at communicating during an exercise. The capability might be called "Communications" or "Communicating" but rather allow the observer/assessor to decide what good communications looks like, you will define behaviors or activities they must observe. 

Hence, you decide what good communications means. In the illustration below, we've taken the opinion that it means a person communicated clearly and they were persuasive. You might have your own opinions on this and you are free to use that instead. You can see that we therefore have two observations: Clear and Persuasive. These are connected to the capability Communications.

Calculations - Multiple Observers

TeamXp allows multiple observers to rate the same person (or people). Therefore, the first calculation is the one that connects the observation to the capability. This decides how multiple observations of the same behavior or action should be treated ("1" in the diagram above). 
The default approach to dealing with multiple observations is to average them. However, you have the following options:
  • AVG  - the input value to the Capability will be an AVERAGE of all observer ratings
  • MAX -  the input value will be the HIGHEST of all observer ratings
  • MIN - the input value will be the LOWEST of all observer ratings.

Calculations - Multiple Observations

TeamXp shows Capabilities as a radar diagram. If there are fewer than three capabilities then it will display a bar chart.  Regardless of the calculation shown, all outputs are shown as a % with 100 always being the top score.
The second calculation ("2" in the diagram above) determines how the observations are combined to produce the capability value.
The options available are:
  • AVG  - the Capability is an AVERAGE of all observation scores
  • SUM - the Capability is the SUM of all inputs (ie. they are added together)
  • MAX -  the HIGHEST value of any observation is used as the Capability value
  • MIN -  the LOWEST value of any observation is used as the Capability value.