Giving individuals and teams feedback during and immediately after an exercise (in what is commonly known as a "hot wash" or "after-action review") can be problematic because either observers are working from memory or they've been trying to make notes and observe at the same time. 
With TeamXp's assessment toolkit, observers know what behaviors and actions they have to watch for and can record those observations quickly - leaving more time for observing. Hence observations are more relevant and more accurate which means feedback is better focused on improved performance.

Note that YOU decide what behaviors to observe and how these should be used to calculate a player's capability assessment. More on this is in Designing Your Assessment Schema.

How is it done?

If you upload an assessment schema, then members of the exercise control team (observers and moderators) will be able to record observations about players by clicking their devices or entering open text comments.
TeamXp allows for one or more observers to assess the same player or players - whichever is appropriate to your needs and resources.

Team View - to assess multiple players at the same time

Solo view to assess one player at a time

Feedback, Hot Wash and After-Action Review

Individual quantitative observations can be grouped to provide a capability assessment in the form of a radar chart - as shown below.
The radar chart allows easy identification of areas of improvement and different players can be compared to each other.

Which Behaviors can you Observe?

YOU decide which behaviors are important for your exercise and how these should be used to calculate player capabilities.
You can record behaviors in three ways:
  • star rating (mark out of 3 or 5)
  • checkbox 
  • comment for open text input