After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what AAR is
  • be able to add observations to player interactions
  • be able to generate an AAR report


After Action Review (AAR) allows the moderator, observers and designated participants to write notes and attach the notes to content items. AAR allows you to capture information while the exercise is unfolding, so that all those observations are captured in an After Action Review report, for a hotwash or debrief session.

After Action Review
Qualitative feedback is captured at the time of the event and linked to the content that prompted the feedback. This makes the review process more rigorous and defensible.
  • Many designated participants can add comments
  • Almost all content items can be reviewed
  • The timestamp of a comment can be with reference to specific injects to check speed of response
  • All observations are easily exported to a Word document

Assign permission to add AAR observations

In the Facilitator Dashboard, go to Manage > Manage teams > Special permissions. Then, drag the "Evaluation (AAR)" to the participant or participants that should be able to leave observations. 
This Special Permission will only appear in the list in the appropriate TeamXp licenses (see Summary)

For more on Special Permissions, search for its dedicated Helpdocs.

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Adding observations

In the Scenario Editor, those with the "Evaluation AAR permission, can leave observations to player content. 

Available content will display a speech bubble icon. Once clicked, they can select an inject to link the observation to and leave their comments. 

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Export AAR report

Once the exercise is over, the moderator can export a comprehensive AAR including all observations and Data Points pie charts and bar charts. For more on Data Points, search for its dedicated Helpdocs.

 1. In the Facilitator Dashboard, navigate to the Reports tab and click 'Get exercise report' in the drop-down menu
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2. An editable Word document will be downloaded. There you will find:

a. Index by Injects

b. All observations by inject, including:

-- Observation
-- Observer name and email
-- Observer timestamp
-- Player content observer
-- Player data and timestamp
-- Related rich media

c. Data Points

-- Pie charts
-- Bar chart