After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what TeamChat Plus is
  • be able to provide and monitor a chat area for your session participants


TeamChat Plus is an instant messaging feature much like Slack, Teams or other such messaging apps.

TeamChat Plus
Provide a communication space where participants can discuss strategies, share information and coordinate responses for crisis scenarios.
  • Create ad hoc message groups - private and public ("public" meaning to all in the exercise, not to anyone outside the registered participants)
  • Multiple messaging groups to organize information
  • File sharing 
  • Flexible participant permissions to manage the chat

TeamChat Plus interface

TeamChat Plus is a dedicated channel in the Virtual Desktop, your participants will see it by default as part of their channels if your Conducttr license allows this feature.

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Using TeamChat Plus for Exercise Control (EXCON)

TeamChat Plus is a participant feature and not directly available to the facilitator and observers. We recommend that you create an additional player login and use this for chat. If anyone in exercise control using the Moderator Grid, the player desktop on the left of the grid will have access to TeamChat Plus.

Deleting past messages

If you want to delete all past messages from a session, you just need to reset all messages in your scenario.

Available actions for participants

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Chat with all participants

By default, the Welcome channel will be open and available to all.

Click in the bottom open-text field and start typing. When you are satisfied, press Intro to send your message to the chat.

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Customize profile

Click on Menu > Account settings

Here you can customize your Full name, Username, Nickname, Position and Profile image. 
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Create new channels

Click on the + icon, you can choose to have a new Public channel (all session participants) or Private channel (only those you 


Invite members to a private channel

Once you have created a private channel, you can add members and manage members by clicking the down arrow next to the header channel name.
You can also add members by @ referencing their name.