After reading this article you'll:

  • understand how Conducttr ranks social media posts
  • be able to manually spoof engagement to change post ranking


Social Media Ranking refers to how social media posts are listed in a social media feed. Facebook famously had it's EdgeRank algorithm and we've created a much simpler ConducttrRanking.

Social Media Ranking & Spoofing
Rewards players that publish rich media and posts that attract engagement (likes, shares, comments)
Allows exercise control to counter hashtag stuffing and other player tricks to dominate the feed
  • Social media posts list in the feed based on richness of media and engagement
  • Anyone granted Special Permissions to spoof engagement can artificially increase or decrease the number of likes, shares and comments.

How ranking works

Scoring Social Media

The table to the left shows the points awarded to each social media post.

The highest scoring posts are listed first in the feed.

Editing (Spoofing) Likes, Shares and Comments


The Facilitator must have given you Special Permissions to edit the social media data.

Increase and decrease numbers

After clicking the pencil icon to edit a post, the pop-up opposite will appear. It's here you can increment or decrement the number of comments, shares and likes.

Changing these number will cause the post to list higher in the social media feed.