In this example, the player must decide which applications to run on the disaster recovery site. The temp site isn't big enough to run all the applications so they have to check if the total memory requirements of the preferred apps exceed the max available. 

Players are given this table which shows the apps and their memory requirements
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The image below shows how the player decision is captured and acted upon in Conducttr TeamXp:
  1. a multi-choice question type is used to allow players to select the applications to run (Card 57)
  2. the answer is looked up in the custom_data table which returns the total memory for all the selected apps
  3. a condition question checks if the total memory exceeds 12Gb (Card 75)
  4. if the condition is true then the player is forced to try again.

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The calculation used on Card 57 and Card 316 is shown below
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"this_response" is the player's actual answer and in the case of a multi-choice question it comes back as a series of 0s and 1s. For example, if the player selects Accounting and CMS then this_response = 110000

For this calculation to work, all possible combinations from 111111 to 000000 need to be uploaded into the custom data table with the corresponding memory size. This is easily done with the help of some formulas in Excel. application choices.xlsx