Passcode (Unique) is used when you need to check that each participant enters a code that's unique to them.

How it works

The code is used as an index to the custom_data array to find an email address (ie. that of the participant). 
If the email address matches the current audience member then the user journey passes to the 'found' content stage and if not present then to the 'missing' content stage.


  • custom data file
  • Passcode (Unique) question type


In the Scenario Editor:
  1. Upload your  custom_data  CSV file. The format should be custom_data,code, participant email address
  2. Select Question Type>Open Text>Passcode (Unique).  Two options will be added to your content box: "found" and "missing".
Link the found and missing options to branch the experience based on whether the code entered by the participant is found or not.

Custom data