Passcode (Single) can be used when you need to check that participants know an entry code. The code is a common to everyone and not unique to the participant.

How it works

The code must be present in the custom_data array index.
If the code exists then user journey passes to the 'found' content stage and if not present then to the 'missing' content stage.


  • custom data file
  • Passcode (Single) question type


In the Scenario Editor:
  1. Upload your  custom_data  CSV file. The format should be custom_data,code, 1
  2. Select Question Type>Open Text>Passcode (Single).  Two options will be added to your content box: "found" and "missing".
  3. Link the found and missing options to branch the experience based on whether the code entered by the participant is found or not.

Custom data