What is custom data?

In TeamXp, "custom data" is a way to create your own very simple database or lookup table. 

The custom data must be uploaded to your Space for it to be used but once uploaded can be used in your scenario via smartwords prefixed with data.

Example Use

Custom data can be used to quickly personalize a template scenario. 
For example, using {data.company}  will print "Ford"  and {data.issue} will print "My motor parts have not arrived on time".

custom data table

your content

the result


If you have a lot of prepared statements for the custom data table then you can prepare it in Excel and upload as a CSV file.
You'll find the buttons needed at the bottom of the custom data table:
  • Import - allows CSV file to be loaded into the table. Note that importing does not make the data live in your Space - it still needs to be uploaded.
  • Export - allows you to save your table as a CSV file
  • Upload - uploads the local table to your Space
  • Empty - deletes all entries in the custom data that's been uploaded to your Space
  • Clear - clears the local table

What's the correct CSV format?

Make sure that the file is formatted correctly and saved as UTF-8 CSV

The image below shows how the columns should be organized.

If you want to test a unique code (column B) against someone's email address then the email address should go in column C

If saving from Excel, the image below shows the file format you should use.