After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what the Scenario editor is
  • be able to create your own scenario


The Conducttr TeamXp Scenario editor allows you to create, edit, share and publish your experiences, design your style and manage your Space.

The application we provide runs on a technology called Adobe AIR which must be installed before you can run the Conducttr TeamXp Scenario editor.

Conducttr TeamXp Scenario editor
Authors can create and edit exercises and upload them to their Space
  • Create, edit, share and publish exercises
  • Customise the style of the exercise
  • Add rich media, personas and content to the exercise
  • Upload it to a Space

Designing your exercise

When designing your exercise, Conducttr TeamXp offers two different ways: 

  • MEL (Master Event List). It's the table of content organised in sequential time order.
    • 1. Table of content.
    • 2. Editing panel.
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  • Flowchart. This is a whiteboard space in which you design your exercise.
    • 1. The tab bar. Tabs are a way to organise large scenarios and you’ll need them if you want to use chapters in self-paced experiences.
    • 2. The menu bar. This is where you'll find commonly accessed functions relating to scenario editing.
    • 3. The side bar. The side bar contains helpful resources, a mobile preview, a search tool and information.

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The scenario editor allows you to personalise the style of your exercise. In Style, you can customise the scenario by changing colours, logos, icons, etc. The Style tool allows you to personalise the look and feel of your Virtual desktop, so the interface your players are going to interact with feels familiar and relevant for your exercise.

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Making the most of the Scenario Editor features