What is it?
Prompt the training audience to enter a passcode
* Use re-usable logins or anonymous login but protect entry through passcode use
Key Features
* Choose from several options such a unique code for session, unique code per player, single use code
* For large number of users, upload unique passcodes from CSV file

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  • Passcode: The code can always be used by all the participants (until you remove it from the custom_data)
  • Passcode unique to player.  You have to create a spreadsheet identifying an index and a value. For example, to link an e-mail with a code. This means each passcode can be used only by a unique and specific player.
Spreadsheet format

Unique password for email address:

index = passcode
value = email address


  • Passcode single use. With this option, your spreadsheet will have an index (the code) and a value (1). Each passcode can be used once. After is used you can download them in the Editor to check when they were used.