What is it?

"First login" is a special state that indicates if the facilitator or a player has ever logged into TeamXp.
When a team is uploaded, the "first login" parameter is set to true because the next time a player logs in, TeamXp will treat it as their first time to log in.

Why is it important?

The content item with the lowest number is published when then player or facilitator logs in for the first time. It's only published once unless you reset the first login parameter. 
TeamXp looks for the lowest number content for both the facilitator and the player - they each have their own "first login content"

You can change the content that's published on first login by using the content menu as shown below

What can go wrong?

Common "gotchas" are:
  • if you don't anticipate the first login you could find that initial content item published twice - once of the first login and then again when the moderator sends an inject.
  • a player arrives late to the scenario and logs in after the facilitator has published injects. The "first login" content will still be published even though the scenario has started. 

Do I need it?

It's not mandatory to use but usually helpful. 

What's the benefit of it?

You can use the first login in the following ways:
  • to set the scene or situate the players before an exercise starts
  • to have them complete a pre-exercise assessment or questionnaire
  • to create single-player, self-paced exercises that don't need a facilitator.

How do I reset it?

You can also reset the first login parameter via the scenario menu. You'll find it in Management>Restart from first login.