"Publish to space" means to upload a scenario from your local computer to the Conducttr cloud and make it available to run.

You have several publishing options that affect "what happens next" after the scenario is live on Conducttr:
  • Erase and upload - this is the default option and should be use when you're not actively running the exercise with players. All past messages are removed with the effect of resetting the experience.
  • Live update - this allows you to update the scenario content without resetting active players. Use this cautiously!

Erase and upload

All published messages which has the effect of a reset of all players.
What the options mean:
  1. Reset "first log in" status. This option ensures all players receive the first login message when they next log in.
  2. Publish "first login" message. It's likely you'll only use this option during testing to avoid having to log out to see the "first log in" message. With this option it's published immediately after publish it.
  3. Include style. Ensures your style is uploaded with the scenario. Uncheck to upload the scenario without affecting the style.
  4. Clear past messages. Clear all messages for your players.

Live Update

Past messages aren't reset but the new scenario content is uploaded. 
Please note that if you change the logic/flow of your scenario then using Live Update can create unexpected results. It's usually best to use "Erase and Upload".