Pattern of Life Menu Overview
To create your Pattern of Life there are a few steps that you need to follow:
  • The first thing you need to do is to create your different stax
  • Then you have to organize your stax in your deck
  • Finally click "Upload active deck" to be able to see the deck in your Facilitator Dashboard 

Before knowing how to create your stax is necessary to see the different options that Pattern of Life has in its menu
  1. Stax Personas and Stax Media. These libraries are independent to this stax library, so it doesn't contain any of the media files or personas of the scenario.
  2. Stacks. Stacks are the "folders" or buttons that contain your content ready to be sent.
  3. Decks. The deck is where you have your different buttons. You'll have up to 64 different buttons that you can organize in the way you prefer for the exercise.
  4. Upload active deck. Use this button to upload this deck to the space number you have selected.
  5. Import Stax Library. Import a .staxl file from your laptop.
  6. Export Stax Library. Export the library as a .staxl file.
  7. Add/Import. Use this options to add content to your stax. To import a file from your laptop click "Import" and select a .csv file or a .stax file.
  8. Export .csv or .stax. Export your stax as a .csv or a .stax file.