After reading this article you'll:
  • be able to pair a stax library from pattern of life with a scenario


Stax libraries (see Pattern of Life) can be used with any number of scenarios. However, once you've created your pattern of life deck to work with a particular scenario, it's helpful to pair the two:
  1. because after pairing, when you load or share the scenario, you'll do the same for the paired stax library
  2. to prevent the training audience from seeing duplicate personas


When you pair a Stack Library (see Pattern of Life) with a scenario, the scenario editor will compare personas in the scenario with personas in the stack library and, if it thinks it's found a match, ask you decide which one is to be used. This is to create consistency across your exercise.

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Actions to follow

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 After selecting a scenario, when you select a stax library, you'll see that it's "unpaired".

This means you can preview stax before committing to pair one.
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When you click to pair, the scenario editor compares all the personas in the scenario with those in the stax.
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The scenario edit will present personas it thinks could be duplicates (i.e. one in the scenario matches one in the stax)

Flick through to review before committing to replace one with the other or click "keep both".

You should only click to keep both if they are NOT the persona. For example, John Smith is a popular English name and there could be two personas called John Smith but they are actually different people. In this case, keep both.
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In cases where there is a match, review each matching persona and replace one with the other. Usually you'll select the most detailed or most recent persona to replace the other.

If the stax is used again with another scenario, it will use the newly replaced persona.