To start creating your stax you need to create a new "Stax Library". Do this by clickinig Stax Library > Add new. This creates a new library where you can start adding new stacks.
In the following example we have three different stax: event bombing, offers of accommodation and gun shots. The three of them will contain different content related to the tab title.

To create your content you have two options:

Click Add

This option allows you to create your content directly in TeamXp. If you click that button, a new menu is open, where you can easily create your piece of content as it is shown below.

Click import

This option allows you to import a file from your laptop. This file can be a .stax file or a .csv file. Click "Import" and select the file you want to use for the stax.
Use this file (staxtemplate.csv) to create your stax in Excel. The columns you need to create are:
  1. From. This is the persona who sends the message.
  2. Faction. This is to create a category for the personas.
  3. Method. This is the channel you are going to use.
  4. Message. This is the actual text you want to sent.
  5. ImageURL. Copy and paste an URL to attach a media file to this content