After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what Checklist is
  • be able to create an exercise checklist
  • be able to share a checklist with specific players 


Checklist is a customizable list. It has multiple uses such as being used to confirm completed training objectives or as a memory aid for expected player activities.

Checklist is first created by the scenario designer, and then the moderator uses special permissions to grant access to designated players. These players have the ability to check objectives and their sub-items during the exercise.

Provides a date & time-stamped record of activities completed, available in the exercise report
  • Fully customizable objectives and tasks
  • Only accessible to designated players
  • Checking objective auto-checks all items
  • Player checklist responses are exported in the AAR report

Creating a Checklist

To create a Checklist for your exercise, in the Scenario Editor go to Style > Customize channels > Checklist.
There you have to click in the checkbox "Active". Then, go to the left panel and start populating your checklist by clicking +Add objective and +Add item

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Give permission for Checklist

Only players with the "Checklist" special permission assigned will be able to see it. 
In the Facilitator Dashboard, go to Manage > Manage teams > Special permissions, then drag and drop the "Checklist" tag to desired players. 

Checklist for players

Players with the "Checklist" special permission assigned, can access the Checklist channel in their Virtual Desktop. There, they can check and uncheck all the items they require.

Moderators will be able to see the checklist status of all designated players when they export the AAR report.

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