News Channel
Allows you to create realistic news websites where your players can comment on the posts.
Key Features
1. Add your different websites in the style tool with their own banners
2. Create your posts individually for each website. You can add text, pictures and videos 
3. The old posts are automatically added as a "Top Posts" section  at the right


In the News Channel players can comment on the different posts. This feed needs to be configured according to your needs. You need to go to Setup > Channel Config and:
  1. Select "Session feed" if you want all your players to share the same feed
  2. Don't select "Session feed" if you want different feeds for each team

How to use it

To use the News Channel is necessary to use the Style Tool, where you need to create your different News Organisations.
Go to Style and click "News". Once in that menu, you need to create as many News Organisations as you need.

Once you have created your different organisations, you need to create the actual content you are going to send. For this you need to create a new content and select the "News" channel.
And this is how it looks when it's published.