After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what News style is
  • be able to import pre-defined News styles (find some examples in our content library Ventura)


News channel is a dedicated channel that emulates News organization websites and blogs.

This channel can be customized manually within the editor (Style > News) but it also allows to upload predefined News styles (files with .txws extension)

How to import News styles

You can import News styles in the Scenario Editor in two ways:

A. Using Personas

1. Go to Design > Personas

2. Create a new persona or select an existing one. 

3. IMPORTANT: Mark as an organisation

4. Then, go to Website section.
 Image Placeholder
 5. Click on Edit style (pencil icon) Image Placeholder
 6. In Website styling, click "Import from file"

7. Select your .txws file and upload.
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B. Using Style tool

1. Go to Style > News > Import from file
2. Select your .txws file

Note that this method requires that the News organization already exists as a Persona and is properly marked as Organisation (check above)

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