Allow a moderator/facilitator to control the exercise pacing
Key Features
Publish up to three content items to players per inject
Use a range of question types to control how the facilitator advances to the next inject - including timers

Injects are events in the scenario. In the jargon of interactive narratives we might call these "beats".
In the case of crisis simulations, they're called "injects" because the intention is to inject some tension into the exercise and require participants to react.

Creating Injects

Your scenario must be set to "Facilitated" (goto Setup>Essential configuration)

Then you can create an inject either via the Design menu or by right-clicking on the whiteboard.

All text and questions created in the Inject is sent to the exercise control feed ("excon" for short). 

Content connected to the Inject block is what's published to the participants. In the example below it's those two messenger channel content items from the persona Maria.