After reading this article you'll:
  • understand what Microblog channel is
  • be able to create MicroBlog content and customize persona profiles
  • be able to tweet, retweet, comment, like and pin tweets


MicroBlog is a dedicated channel that emulates popular services such as Twitter. This channel allows recreating social media conversations, hashtags and trending topics to bring your scenario to live. 

Rehearse responding to and dealing with real-time social media feeds as you would in real-life.
  • Emulates popular microblogging services like Twitter
  • Allows players to tweet, retweet, like and comment
  • Each persona has its own profile page with simulated number of followers, following and published posts; simulated account creation date and simulated geo-tag
  • Tweets can be published automatically based on master events lists and other criteria
  • Each team can have their own microblog universe or teams can share the same universe

Creating MicroBlog content

You can add MicroBlog content in the Scenario Editor in two ways:

 Using List view

1. Click on +Add (navy blue button)
2. Select Twitter in method drop-down

You can customize:
- Exercise time
- Tweet text
- Media attachment
- Tweet metrics (comments, retweets and likes)
- Message destinantions

 Using Flowchart view

1. Add a new content card (green plus icon)
2. Select Channel > Social media > Twitter

You can customise:
- Tweet text
- Media attachment
- Tweet metrics (comments, retweets and likes)
- Message destination
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Customising persona profiles

This is an example of how to configure a Twitter profile in Conducttr TeamXp.

Go to Design > Personas > Choose persona and open the Twitter tab. There, you will be able to customise:

  • Name - Name to be displayed
  • Twitter handle - Persona's username for this channel
  • Bio - Short description that will be displayed in the profile page
  • Verified - Is the account Twitter verified? (displays blue badge)
  • Metrics - Total number of followers, following and published tweets of that profile
  • Creation date - When the account was created (to trace account's credibility)
  • Header - Upload a custom image for profile header (1500px x 500px)
  • Preloaded tweets - Tweets that will be already published in that profile even before the exercise starts. These can be imported from a CSV file and have media attached. 

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To be able to see it, you need to Publish your scenario. Once in the exercise, these profiles are accessible by clicking in the names appearing on the Twitter feed. This is how it would look:

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Available actions

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If Microblog channel is enabled in your exercise, you can find it in the Virtual desktop by clicking the channel icon on the left menu. 

Once there, you will find a box to type your tweet at the top of your feed.
 Retweet and Like

Click on the retweet and like icons to react to a tweet.

Click on the bubble icon below any tweet to type and publish a response.


Click on any hashtag so the feed is filtered and you can see related tweets.


In your own Microblog profile, you are able to select and pin a tweet to be displayed on top of your profile feed.