When giving your character an email account, you have two options:
  • use our cocamail domain
  • provide an email address on your domain


  • Each project is allowed 5 cocamail.com email addresses.
  • Account names must be at least 9 characters long.
  • The account has no inbox. 
  • All verification emails from services such as Twitter, YouTube, Tumble etc are forwarded to the author's email inbox. 
Check out the video to see how easy it is to configure

Email using your domain

The email address you provide must be unique within Conducttr. This means you cannot use an email address that’s already assigned to another character - even if it's used in a different, stopped project. If you wish to re-use an email address, you will first need to delete the email account from the other character.

  • select "i have an email address I'd like to use
  • add the email address and click "configure now"
  • forward your email address to the 'secret' internal email address that's generated
  • click continue.
Conducttr will send a test email to the address you've provided and it will wait for that email to come back to the 'secret' address to confirm your forwarding working correctly.