What's the idea?

Imagine you're running a crisis communications exercise and you'd like to simulate a social media dashboard. As the exercise moves on, the listening metrics increase and the brand sentiment gets worse.
Using the Map channel you can switch out different image backgrounds to give the impression of updating the data.
For extra granularity you can update specific social media counters using map locations and statuses.


  • Map channel
  • TeamXp map template Powerpoint files - backgrounds
  • Dashboard background images
  • Optional: series of images for social media mentions saved as "status" map elements



  1. Create your dashboards in Powerpoint (or other graphics package) and save to JPG image.
  2. Optional: Create your statuses and upload to Map Elements/Status
  3. Create a Map using the dashboard image as the first background
  4. Now, whenever you want to update the dashboard metrics... just use the Map channel content card to update the background image. Boom! the news in the crisis room just got worse.
  5. Optional: to have the social media mentions for Twitter and Facebook update in real time, upload a series of images to Map Elements>Status and then use the Map channel status update to publish the status changes as needed.
The video below shows the dashboard in action!