Map Items
Greater emotional impact
Improved after action review: counters and statuses appear in the timeline below the map
Key Features
Dynamically add and move map counters to pre-defined map locations
Dynamically change the status of a counter
Create multiple counters and statuses
Possibility to use an android mobile app to plot NFC map counters (see Wargaming)

To know how to use counters and statuses have a look at this article!


Counters appear in the map in the location selected. To create a new counter you need to:
Go to Map Items > Counters > Add a Counter

When a counter is moved, it is possible to track their movements in the map. These movements are identified with a red line that appears by clicking the counter.


Statuses can appear several times in a map and modify a counter. To create a new status you need to:
Go to Map Items > Statuses > Add a Status

Following the example we started in the counters sections, we have modified the status of that counter, so now it looks damaged.