Using the Conducttr mobile map app for Android, you can scan NFC tags attached to map counters and have them appear digitally in the map channel.

NFC tag encoding

Tags are written with plain text using the following encoding

Identify a counter
0,<persona name>,,<description>  e.g. 0,UK-tank,,British tank
Identify a location
1,<location name> e.g. 1,E5
Change location attribute
3,<attribute name>,<persona name> e.g. 3, status, infected or 3, cache, guns
Change counter status 
5,<persona name>,,<description>  e.g. 5, damaged_uktank,,British tank with substantial damage
Revert to default
trigger NFC event

<Persona name> is the name of a persona used in the scenario. This will provide the graphic image for the counter on the map