After reading this article you'll:
  • understand what GoSocial channel is
  • be able to prepare the main GoSocial page and create content for it
  • be able to comment and post on GoSocial pages


GoSocial is a dedicated channel that emulates social media like Facebook. This channel allows recreating organization and personal pages, where to comment and post as in real life.

Rehearse responding to and dealing with real-time social media feeds as you would in real-life.
  • Emulates popular social media such as Facebook
  • Allows players to post and comment
  • Posts can be published automatically based on master events lists and other criteria
  • Each team can have their own GoSocial universe or teams can share the same universe

Preparing the main GoSocial page

There is only one main GoSocial page per scenario. We recommend that you use this for your company page, so you can rehearse how to manage comments and posts during a crisis.

You can customize it in Style > Customize channels > GoSocial tab. There, you will be able to customise:

  • GoSocial profile name - Name to be displayed
  • Cover image - Image for the page header (851px x 315px)
  • Profile image - Square image for the profile picture (500 px x 500 px)
  • Session feed ON / OFF - See Message destinations for more information
  • Friends text - Customize text that invites to like page
  • Likes text - Customize number and text for page likes
  • Follower text - Customize number and text for page followers
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To be able to see it, you need to Publish your scenario. Once in the Virtual desktop, these page will appear when content is published to the Facebook channel. It will look like this:

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Creating GoSocial content

You can add GoSocial content in the Scenario Editor in two ways:

 Using List view

1. Click on +Add (navy blue button)
2. Select Facebook in method drop-down

You can customise:
- Exercise time
- Post text
- Media attachment
- Message destination

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 Using Flowchart view

1. Add a new content card (green plus icon)
2. Select Channel > Social media > Facebook
You can customise:
- Post text
- Media attachment
- Message destination
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Available actions


If GoSocial channel is enabled in your exercise, you can find it in the Virtual desktop by clicking the channel icon on the left menu. 

Once there, you will find a box to type your post at the top of your feed.
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Type your comment on the text field available below each post to respond to it.