After reading this article you'll 
  • know how to create a KML layer
  • know how to import a KML layer  


KML is an XML-based file format for displaying information in a geographic context. 

Since KML can be uploaded and placed as a layer, it is a format used in Conducttr for transferring geodata in the InfoMap channel.

Working with KML layers
Allows you to overlay points of interest on the InfoMap
  • Overlay key points of interest
  • Transfer geodata into the InfoMap channel

Creating a KML layer


1. Navigate to myMaps
 Image Placeholder
2. Create a new map
 Image Placeholder
3. Give your map a title and layer a name
 Image Placeholder
4. Find your locations by using the search bar at the top
 Image Placeholder
5. Click the + button to add these locations to your layer
 Image Placeholder
6. Repeat steps 4 &5 with different locations. 

To differentiate your points you can give them icons and colours by hovering on the locations and clicking on the bucket icon on the right hand side.
 Image Placeholder
7. Export Data: Once you have added all of your locations, export your layer into a KML file.

Click on the three dots > Export data > KML/KMZ
 Image Placeholder
8. Ensure to tick the bottom box and click download. 
 Image Placeholder

Importing a KML Layer  


In the player view navigate to Layers > Add KML layer > Attach the KML file > click Add
Image Placeholder

This layer will now be added to your InfoMap. You can overlay different layers by following the steps above.
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