To add a new scenario, you will need to select "Add scenario".

To configure your new scenario, you will need to choose the space number you want to use (1). enter a scenario name (2) and an unique campaign code (3), which could be whatever is helpful to you and is not visible for your players.

Thanks to the default credentials, your e-mail and space number will be already set up, as well as your URL.

Right-click anywhere on the whiteboard and select “Add content” from the pop-up menu.

Change the content channel to Messenger and write “Hello World” on the top line.
Now right-click on the content and select "Publish on first login" from the content menu. This will color the content card yellow.

Now , go to Run and click "Publish to Space" to transfer your content to your space where it will run on the Conducttr engine.

Now use one of the links provided to be able to see your scenario live.