After reading this article you'll 
  • understand how to attach media


Attaching Media is vital to create an immersive scenario, ensuring your exercise is not too text-heavy.

Attaching Media
Attaching media is an effective way to make your exercise more interactive.
  • Attach images 
  • Attach documents
  • Attach media to channels such as the email and library channel 

Ensure you have the correct file 


.jpeg = the media file will appear as an image 
.csv = will appear as an excel sheet 
.doc = will appear as a document 

Importing a File stored locally

In the scenario editor navigate to Media > New > Search > select a file > click Save

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Importing a File via URL

In the scenario editor navigate to Media > New > From URL > paste a URL > click Save

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Attaching Media to Injects


1. Add an Inject 
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2. Select a channel
(If using the library channel you have the option to give your file a heading and description)

3. Click Attach Media
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4. To import an image that is stored locally on your laptop or in your media library Click Select. 
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5. Select the Image you want to import and click select
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6. The image is now attached, this is the facilitator view.
 Image Placeholder
 Player view:
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