In facilitator-led experiences, you must publish content to the facilitator dashboard to allow the facilitator to control the exercise.
This is accomplished by setting the content channel to “facilitator”.
Figure 6 shows two content blocks published to the facilitator channel. This will appear in the facilitator dashboard’s exercise control feed.

The illustration shows:
  1. The facilitator channel has been selected
  2. An inject has been added
  3. A timer of 30 seconds has been configured.
An inject attached to content block 8 will not be published until after the timer has expired.

Not all facilitator content needs to have an inject and not all injects need to be timed. You have a good deal of flexibility to organize the control of the scenario the way you see fit.

The “Button” question type provides a single button where there is no choice except
to continue. This is commonly used to send an inject.

Setting the question type to Timer allows the scenario to unfold without intervention
from the facilitator. It’s this time that appears in the
Master Events Lists.You can also set a personal timer for the player
but it must be configured in the notification channel.