“Branching” is a common term used to explain the way that a scenario changes based on player decisions. Good scenarios are written around player choices so understanding how to branch is important.
In Figure 4, the content block 8 gives the player two choices. If they select the first choice, then the scenario responds with content block 9 and if they select the second choice then they’ll see content block 10. Choices and content are connected by clicking on the connection point. Initially TeamXp will automatically create a new connected content block but should you delete it, you can also click the connection point and drag a line to a block you want to connect.

Ending a branch
When you want to end a branch, change the question type to “No Question”. This will mean the player is offered no further choices and interactivity on this channel, at least for the time being, is over.
Avoid too many branches
Try to always give players meaningful choices where their decisions will have consequences. Keep your scenario on track by always returning the player to the central narrative rather than have too many multiple endings.

Feedback to players
It’s important to always provide the player with
immediate feedback after they’ve made a choice. This is why you can’t change channel using a normal connection point.
To publish content in another channel you’ll need to use a
“multichan” connection.