The scenario editor allows you to create, edit, share and publish your experiences.
The application we provide runs on a technology called Adobe AIR which must be installed before you can run the TeamXp editor.

The figure below shows the main areas of the editor. They are:
  1. The whiteboard. This is where you do your designing
  2. The tab bar. Tabs are a way to organize large scenarios and you’ll need them if you want to use chapters in self-paced experiences.
  3. The menu bar. This is where you’ll find commonly accessed functions relating to scenario editing.
  4. The Library drop-downs. This is where you manage your libraries of scenarios.
  5. The side bar. The side bar contains helpful resources, a mobile preview, a search tool and information.

Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR is a product that allows
us to offer the TeamXp
scenario editor on PC and Mac.
You must first install AIR before installing TeamXp otherwise your
computer won’t recognize the app.