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TeamXp experiences run in a secure web application.

Players don’t need to download any software - it runs right in their HTML5 browser on desktop, tablet or mobile.

However, you are the scenario creator and for players to experience your scenario you’ll need to design it and upload it to the web application. We call this “publishing to your space”.

The TeamXp service comprises the following components (numbers refer to those in the diagram below):
  1. The scenario editor is where you create your scenario
  2. Conducttr is the cloud platform that runs your scenario (after you’ve uploaded it)
  3. Players log in to a web application to access the scenario
  4. If you’re running a facilitator-led experience then the facilitator logs into a web application to gain access to a dashboard from which to facilitate.

Space Numbers
When you publish your scenario, it’s hosted in a space inside Conducttr.
Although you can create and store many scenarios locally, your space can only hold
and run one scenario at a time.
Your “space number” was given to you in your registration email.