What does "unlimited" really mean?

It means you can run as many sessions as you like throughout the year so long each session has no more than the maximum players for your licence type (e.g. 30 or 40 per session).

Does the pricing depend on how many players or trainers are using the space?

The pricing depends on what features are enabled on your Conducttr Space. You have up to 30 or 40 players per session depending on your licence. You can then decide to upgrade your Space to include additional features like the Assessment Toolkit.

Do the players have to be the same for each session?

No. You can train hundreds of players so long as you don't exceed the maximum allowed per session

What if I need more that 40 players per session?

No problem! Speak to your account team and we can quote you an additional fee per player for a specific exercise or for the year
If you need to train 100's of players then ask about TeamXp Agency which is designed for self-paced exercises for 100,000's players.

Can you help me design, implement and/or run an exercise?

Yes. What we know is storytelling and engagement. We can work with your subject-matter-expert or one of our consulting partners to help you wherever you need help the most.
TeamXp is designed for you to be able to do these things but we recognize you might not have the time or resources - and we can help.