After reading this article you'll:
  • understand what email channel is and what is the difference with external and alert email
  • be able to configure the email channel and user permissions
  • be able to compose and reply to emails in your exercises


Email is a dedicated channel that sends messages formatted in an email format. This channel allows the exchange of information through an inbox found in the Virtual desktop.

Rehearse receiving from and composing emails to different personas as a player would in a real situation.
  • Emulates familiar email inbox and folders.
  • Allows players to receive, CC and forward emails from and to multiple stakeholders.
  • Each email content can be customized so it requests an answer from the player.
  • With Open email, players are enabled to send emails to each other.

Different types of email

In Conducttr TeamXp, there are three types of email. 

  • Mail: Content sent to each player's Virtual desktop formatted as if it was a real email, only available within the exercise environment. From next section, this article will refer to this type only.
  • External email: REAL email sent to the player's real inbox as a notification or reminder for the exercise.
  • Alert email: REAL email sent to external systems or exercise facilitator for exercise monitoring.
To make sure that your email content is not going out to the real world (External and Alert email), pay attention to the content border. REAL email content is always marked with a yellow-and-white striped border.

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Mail channel content
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 External / Alert email (REAL email)

Preparing your Mail channel

To configure your Mail Channel, in the Scenario editor head to Style tool > Customize Channels > Email

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1.  Allow players to "compose Email" (a.k.a. Open email)
Select this option if you want to allow your players to create and send new emails during the exercise.
Watch this video to understand how to players will be able to send emails to each other.

2.  Allow auto complete
Select this option to make available the list of email addresses for your players in a drop-down list.

- For session: Show all email addresses for everyone in the session
- For team: Show only email addresses for that player's team.

3.  Activate shared inbox
This option allows you to create a shared inbox that your players can use to send information to everyone.

- For session: Shared email will be sent to everyone in the session
- For team: Shared email will only be sent to the player's team.

To send emails to the shared inbox, players need to enter your preferred address in CC: or TO: fields. Default is sharedinbox@teamxp.com

This is how everything will look in the Virtual desktop during an exercise

 Composing email view
 Shared inbox 
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Creating email content

You can add Email content in the Scenario Editor in two ways:

 Using List view:

1. Click on +Add (navy blue button)
2. Select Mail from Method dropdown

You can customize:
- Exercise time
- Sender
- Message destinations
- Mail text and format
- Media attachments
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 Using Flowchart view:

1. Add new content card (Green plus button)
2. Change channel to Mail

You can customize:
- Sender
- Message destinations
- Mail text and format
- Media attachments
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Available player actions

In the Virtual desktop, if Mail content is sent to your exercise, the inbox will be opened. In that case, your players will be able to:

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 Mark as unread
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If Mail content has an Opentext question type, it will open up a reply field for the players to respond.
 Image PlaceholderForward

Players can forward emails and choose from a drow-down list if the auto-complete option is enabled (see above)
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If players are allowed to compose an email (see above), they can create a new email from their inbox anytime.