Fictional characters who interact with your players.
They lead the storytelling of your scenario and increase the immersion and the realism
Key Features
Add the name, the description and a picture for your personas
Use factions to organize your personas list
Give them a fake e-mail to use personas as role-players

To see the Personas' menu, you need to go to Design > Personas. This should be the main menu:
  1. Click the "+" button to add a new persona
  2. Click "Manage factions" to add new factions to organize your personas.

Adding a new persona

Click "Add a Persona" and:
  1. Add the name
  2. Add the job title (if you want)
  3. Select the faction (if you want)
If your persona is also a role-player, make sure you follow this steps:

Managing factions

Use factions to organize and categorize your personas. When you assign a faction, that persona appears in the section that she has been assigned.

Creating a map counter

If your persona is going to be a map counter, which means that is going to appear in the map channel at some point, make sure you select the option in the persona's menu.