Simulates broadcast TV news for persons in exercise room(s)
Key Features
Change video and update news ticker independently of each other

The TV channel works like other channels except it's not possible to attach questions. The purpose of this channel is to simulate broadcast TV.


To make this work in practice,  you'll need to dedicate a laptop or desktop to the TV channel and cast (or connect) this to the actual TV in the exercise room.
Attach the video(s) you want to broadcast and they will auto-play on publication. Note that tablets and mobile devices don't allow autoplay and hence aren't a good choice to cast to the screen.

Any text sent to the TV channel is published in a news ticker. 
Each additional text published to the ticker is added and doesn't replace what's there already.
The ticker can be wiped clean using the |clearscreen| smartword which doesn't affect the video.


This example library shows how to prevent sending the TV channel to other players using roles or groups.
DOWNLOAD HERE: TV example.txp