The dynamic image is not included in trigger processing and hence parameters that might have been passed as dynamic variables need to be passed to the image as URL parameters.


  1. dynamic image with html that requires parameters to be passed to it
  2. some other additional Conducttr content inside of which is the URL to the dynamic image (e.g. an email)


Let's say audience.steps[] is an array of data indexed by date in the format YYYY-MM-DD

example: audience.steps["2017-11-05"] = "bonfire night"

Using smartwords in the beat sheet, to print the data for today you might have used the formula:


DATETIME() can't be used inside the dynamic image because it requires trigger processing. Hence for the purposes of generating a dynamic image you need to use:

|audience.steps["today"]| and then pass the parameter "today" in the image URL

hence we get the dynamic url inside the other Conducttr content that uses the dynamic image:|audience.hash|&today=|DATETIME(NOW(),"YYYY-MM-DD")|