What is it?

A dynamic image is an image (jpg or png) generated from HTML that contains parameters and attributes.

 dynamic images live independently of your beat so any parameters you use in the HTML must be passed in the image URL (See below)

Recipe - creation

  • Create a Dynamic Image content item
  • copy-paste your HTML into the body
  • click Save and Conducttr will generate the URL
  • your dynamic image is now ready to use

Recipe - using your Dynamic Image

You can use the URL generated by Conducttr in any other content where an image is expected.

Passing parameters

Your HTML can contain smartwords that reference attributes from the project, partition, sender and 3rdparty. However, this information must be passed to the image via the image URL

reserved parameters:


Image URL generated by Conducttr


image URL requested when you need to display the image (where CfdR is an audience hash)
In this example, Conducttr will identify the audience by the hash and access the audience partition and attributes as needed.

To include a 3rdparty too the URL might look like this