Shared Inbox for email
* Allows rehearsal of on-the-job procedures such as shift change-over

Key Features
* Easy to configure shared inbox address to match the one you use now
* Decide if players must copy to shared inbox or if it should be automatic

How to configure

The shared inbox settings can be found in Style tool > Customize Channels > Email

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Having checked the checkbox "Activate shared inbox", you now have two options:
  • Decide if the shared inbox should be shared with everyone in the exercise (Session) or on a team-by-team basis (For team). "For team" means that each team has their own shared inbox.
  • Decide if all emails should be automatically sent to the shared inbox ("Send all to shared inbox") or if the player is required to add the shared inbox address to the CC: to To: fields of an email. If you take the second option "Require sender to add address" then you can specify your own shared inbox address.
Adding the shared inbox address as shown below is only necessary if you configure the exercise with "Require sender to add address"

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How it looks in the virtual desktop

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Players using the virtual desktop web application will see the Shared Inbox if it has been enabled and an email has been delivered to it.