New release of TeamXP (0.0.295 or higher) allows you to choose a registration type for your scenario. This update might change the user experience of your scenario as you know it, but this article will help you master this new feature in no time. 

Default registration type

If you haven't configured a Registration Type, the default one will be "Click to play" for your participants.

I have a list of participants uploaded, why aren't my participants requested to use their email to log in?

We have made "Click to play" the default option, as this is faster while you are creating your scenario. If before this update you had a list of participants already uploaded your  Teams table, you might like to set it up as it was before: To restore your past configuration, check the scenario as "Registration" (second option in the tab) and check "Allow only whitelisted players".
Participants and facilitator are now asked for a password when they didn't need one before. What do I do?

Yes, we are now asking users for a password, that makes the experience more secure and compliant. This affects registrations where participants leave their email, not "Click to play" registration, which is anonymous.
- If you used an email to log in, you just need to ask to Reset your password in the login page. A link to reset password will be sent to that email.
- If you cannot access the email you used to log in, you should register again and choose a password at registration. 

*Facilitators (not only participants) will need to do this as well to get their password to get in. 

Where do I change my registration type?

In the Scenario Editor, open your scenario, in the menu, select "Configure". In the panel, choose the second tab "Registration", where you'll be able to find your desired type of registration. 

In the "Click to play" configuration, how do I access the facilitator dashboard?

"Click to play" displays only a button, so anyone who clicks that will be directly taken to your scenario. To log in as the facilitator, you will need:
- if you have a TeamXP space, go to  (Your space number)
- if you have a vanity URL, go to

Do I need to upload my scenario again for any Registration changes?

No. As you hit "Save" in the Configuration panel, your changes will be visible in your space URL, no need to re-upload teams or scenarios. 

Will "Click to play" work in Facilitated experiences?

Yes, you can create a facilitated experience that anyone can get into without registering. BUT you shouldn't use content that is specific to Roles: everyone will be playing as Role1.

I had "Registration" for a while and then I decided to use "Allow only whitelisted", who can get it?

If you had some users that registered themselves before you checked "Allow only whitelisted", they will still be allowed in, although they are not in your Teams table (your whitelisted list). If you log in as Facilitator, you will see all of these "self-registered" users under the Team "Unregistered". If you want to prevent all those "self-registered" users to get in and only restrict to those in your Teams table, then you just need to re-upload your Teams and all previously allowed users won't be able to get in. 

How do I choose the best registration type for me?

Have a look at this flowchart.