Import from Master Event List
Quickly migrate existing exercises to TeamXp with the minimum amount of work
Key Features
* calculates the inject timer duration from the time given in the MEL
* creates all necessary Personas
* adds player positions to the scenario
* create the correct content type if the method label is recognized (ie. "phone" creates phone content)
* uses CSV UTF-8 to support multiple languages and emojis

This article explains how to create a new scenario by importing an existing Master Events List, sometimes also called a Master Scenario Event List.


  1. Create a new scenario
  2. Select "Import from MEL"
  3. Import your MEL as a CSV with UTF-8 encoding


The column headings and order must be as shown in the image below.
We recommend using our template as the starting point:  MEL Template.xlsx

There is no common format for the MEL but our version should be close to what you have... with some added extras.

Number - this is the event sequence number 
Time - this is the clock time of the event
From - who is sending this message? In TeamXp this is assumed to be a persona
Faction - used by TeamXp to group personas
To - this is the player or players receiving the message
Team - this is the player's team (if there is one)
Method - this is the communications channel. Use the TeamXp naming convention that you see in the scenario editor
Subject - this is the message subject and can be blank for methods like Twitter that don't have subjects
Message - the body of the message 
Expected Action - what's expected of the players after they receive the message. This text will be placed in the Inject so that it's readable by the moderator and observers
Tab - unique to TeamXp, this is the whiteboard tab in the scenario editor and helps to breakup long MELs into manageable parts

Extended MEL format (from version 3.3.48)

We have introduced additional columns to allow faster importing of rich media and other elements:
StoryTime - this isn't used yet by TeamXp but it's here for human readable compatibility outside of TeamXp
ImageURL - this is the URL of any only audio, video (vimeo/flowplayer/youtube) and image. The rich media will be attached to the content. For example if the Method is Phone or Walkie-Talkie then a link to an audio mp3 file will immediately create a working phone/walkie-talkie on import
Subtitle - this is the text that'll appear as a subtitles for channels like the "News Channel".
Question Type - Button/Choice
Text Button 1 - this allows a single button to be added to the content card (with no connections)
Text Button 2 - this allows an additional button to be added for Choice question types
DataPoint - this creates a real-time data point on the content card. When combined with the Text Button 1 & 2 , allows a quick and simple way to send alerts to the exercise control team, as shown in the example below.