Email Channel
* Allows your players to communicate to each other within the secure WebApp, so no external emails are sent 

Key Features
* Players can compose emails at any point 
* It is possible to CC and forward emails
* Possibility of having a shared inbox to send emails
* Autocomplete email address option

How to configure

To configure your Email Channel you need to go to the Style tool > Customize Channels > Email

1. Allow players to compose emails
Select this option if you want to allow your players to create and send new emails during the exercise.
2. Allow auto complete
If you want to make available the list of emails in a drop down list you need to select this option. Then you have to decide if you want to show all the session emails or team-based.
3. Activate shared inbox
This option allows you to create a shared inbox that your players can use to send information to everyone. You need to select if you want it to be sent to the whole session or by teams. The default shared inbox address is the one shown in the picture, you can change this address and also require the player to type it.