Conducttr TeamXp is a service powered by the Conducttr Engine and allows any to create facilitator-led and self-paced interactive experiences. It's aimed at the corporate market where immersive scenarios are be used for training, recruitment and assessment. A key area of use is crisis simulations. 

This ecosystem comprises the following components:

  • Scenarios - these are the interactive experiences. Scenarios are stored in Libraries that share common personas (non-player characters) and media assets across different scenarios.
  • Scenario Editor - this is the drag-and-drop tool (built with Adobe AIR) that allows you to create a scenario
  • Facilitator - this is the web application (runs in Chrome browser) for facilitator-led exercises used by the exercise director/moderator to send 'injects' to the training audience. Injects represent a development of the story and is made evident by new content being published to the training audience. The Facilitator also hosts the Assessment module for observers if this is enabled.
  • Conducttr Engine - this is the 'brain' or story-gaming engine that powers everything.
The exercise will run in any browser, but, If you want to run your exercise as two different participants or as a moderator and a participant, you should use two different browsers.

 How does it work? 

In order to run an exercise, the scenario first has to be uploaded to the Conducttr Engine. Once there, the moderator can take control with the Facilitator dashboard.